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Raphael, the indefatigable artist, the atomic artist, the "indie chief", "the last hand-crafted artist", according to Franciso Umbral, "He" who triumphed at Eurovision before the days of colour, he who is always glowing and never gives up, he who was reborn after a liver transplant in extremis, he who stirs controversies and passions... But above all, the only active Spanish artist who, after a career spanning more than 60 years, has succeeded in creating a term all of his own: "Raphaelism". This documentary series looks back at his and our own history through unpublished images, recreations, hither-to unseen archive footage and intergenerational interviews with the aim of revealing all facets of this powerhouse stage phenomenon.

Episode count: 4


Actors: Alaska, Manuel Alejandro, Carlos Areces

Directors: Charlie Arnaiz, Alberto Ortega

Genre: Documentary


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