Watch Out from Alkhot

Watch Out from Alkhot

Khousosi works for his late uncle's company and he's mad in love with his cousin Bolbola and wishes to marry her, but her mother is against it because she believes he's after the family's fortune. Feeling depressed, he seeks the help of Sami, the company's secretary who arranges for him to meet a hired killer in order to finish him off and cause Bolbola to regret her mistreatment towards him. Khousosi doesn't know that Sami intends to marry Bolbola as well, and also has plans to take over the company with the help of a cheating contractor....

Genre: Comedy

Actors: Adel Emam, Samir Sabri, Lebleba

Directors: Samir Seif, Ahmad Essa


Quality: HD

Release: 1984


Views: 19