Rush: Exit... Stage Left

Rush: Exit... Stage Left

Exit...Stage Left was filmed in Montreal Canada during Rush's 1981 World Tour that encompassed Canada, the United States and Europe and reached a total audience in excess of one million people. The footage incorporated the output of five separate 16mm cameras, both hand-held and stationary, which operated in front of the stage behind a barricade, and in various strategic onstage locations. During the performance at the Montreal forum, the audio was recorded by Le Mobile, with Terry Brown and Guy Charbonneau at the controls. The audio was then digitally mixed at Le Studio in Morin Heights, Quebec, where Moving Pictures, Permanent Waves, and Signals were recorded and mixed. The result, the Exit...Stage Left movie (a different performance than that found on the live Exit...Stage Left album), represents one hour of highlights from Rush's two hour stage show, visualizing material from their albums Moving Pictures, Permanent Waves, Hemispheres, and A Farewell to Kings.

Genre: Music

Actors: Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart

Directors: Martin Kahan

Country:Canada, United States

Quality: HD

Release: 1982



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